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News   | July 13, 2017


A ceremony was held in Neyen (Apalta-Colchagua) as part of our biodynamic practices, where part of the viticultural team participated in the making of the preparation 500, which consists of filling cow horns with local cow manure. Once ready, more than 1,000 horns were buried in the heart of the vineyard to begin its transformation. During the next months they will rest here until they are dug up at the next spring equinox. They will then continue their preparation process to finally be incorporated next year to our soils through composting. This is just one of the eight biodynamic preparations that are applied in the vineyards. The purpose is for the  vineyards to connect with the environment, giving back to earth what the earth provides, and achieving a synchrony such that allows the grapes to express the true character of this exceptional property.