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Our vineyard is located in the in the old terraces of the Tinguiririca river in Apalta

A unique location set apart by nature, wedged between where the Andes Mountains and Coastal Range unite to form a stunning half-moon formation.

Rich in history, the Cabernet Sauvignon vines were first planted in 1889, moving on to include Carmenere in 1936. These original, own-rooted pre-phylloxera vines from France continue to produce high quality fruit year after year.


Owing to age and a deep root system, our vineyards require minimal intervention. Granitic, volcanic soils from the mountains, along with river’s clay loam soils, allow for natural drainage. These particular conditions, together with a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, result in a slow ripening of the grapes, achieving balance and elegance.

In pursuit of Neyen’s most faithful terroir expression, the use of organic practices leads to healthy soils and pure fruit. We work in tune with our estate’s rich biodiversity, helping to maintain a balanced eco system.

Our estate is fortunate to house Apalta’s oldest bodega.

Its adobe walls, constructed in 1890, stand alongside a new state-of-the art facility that blends in beautifully with Neyen’s landscapes.


The winemaking process takes place in our modern bodega, with small, gravity-flow tanks and native fermentation. The transformation and evolution of the wine occurs in the aging process, during which French barrels are used to encourage a slow and continuous interaction between wine, oxygen and oak, evolving into smooth, balanced wines.